Tumbling & Trampoline Classes

Springtime teaches Tumbling and Trampoline skills and routines, from the most fundamental to more advanced. Springtime accommodates children just starting out, backyard bouncers, as well as advance tumblers and trampolinists.

Tot Class

All the parents and the coachs work together helping tots gradually learn class participation and fundamental tumbling and trampoline skills. Directed play is a fun way to build tots participation skills.

Trampoline for Divers

Experienced coaches and state of the art equipment, ensure athletes will reach new levels of Diving performance.

How much are classes, and how does it work?

45 Minute Classes $24

1 hour Classes $28

90 Minute Classes $40

  • The classes are continuing, so you can start at any time.
  • Your first class is a “no risk trial class.” You will be refunded entirely if you don’t wish to continue.
  • When you enroll, we’ll charge you for the classes remaining in the month.
  • Each month on the 16th we’ll charge you for the next month.
  • The charge will be for the exact number of times the class meets that month. Usually 4 or 5.
  • Let us know by the 15th if you will be stopping.
  • If your credit card declines please contact us within a week. After that, we will drop your child from their space in the class.
  • Each family is charged a $55 Annual Registration fee. We’ll charge it in the same month next year.
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If you miss a class, no problem, just come to Open Gym. You can come before you miss your class, just come to Open Gym within 4 weeks of your absence. Stay at Open Gym for the same amount of time as your class.


When you try your first class, if you don’t want to continue, you’ll get a full refund including the registration fee. We appreciate you trying a class at Springtime.

If you need to stop for any reason, be sure to let us know before the 16th of the month. On the 16th, we will charge your account for the next month and no refunds or credits will be given after they are processed.

If you have a credit on your account, it will only be available for one year. You can use it for tuition, open gym, or registration fees.

Tumbling for Cheerleading

Experienced coaches and state of the art tumbling and trampoline equipment ensure athletes reach new levels of tumbling performance.

Special Needs

This is very similar to our tumbling and trampoline class. We collaborate with the parents, and helpers, to understand and accommodate the athletes.