Private Lessons

We can help you learn ANY Olympic style tumbling or trampoline skill. Call us to schedule your private lessons.

We help gymnasts, dancers, divers, snow boarders, wake boarders, and people who just want to flip.

Call us we’ll get you going. 925-456-0110

How much are private lessons, and how does it work?

1/2 hour Private lessons $47

1/2 hour Private lessons for two $29 each. (call to set up)

  • The times listed are available so you can start at any time
  • When you enroll, we’ll charge you for the lessons remaining in the month.
  • Each month on the 16th we’ll charge you for the next month
  • The charge will be for the exact number of times the class meets that month.
  • Let us know by the 15th when you will be stopping, so we can set you last private lesson date.
  • If your credit card declines please contact us within a week. After that, we will drop your child from their private lesson time slot.
  • There is no registration fees for private lessons.

Make-ups & Last class date

The coach is committing to this time slot for you. Because of this no make-up or credits.

If you want to stop for any reason , be sure to communicate your last class date to Springtime by email or phone call before the 16th. On the 16th, we will charge your account for the next month and no refunds or credits will be given after they are processed.