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Birthday Party !

Between tearing into gift-wrapped presents, devouring
cake and ice cream, and shouts of happiness, kids'
birthday parties can turn your house into a bit of a zoo.
Tame the party animals with a 90-minute kids birthday
party at Springtime Tumbling And Trampoline.

The experts at this Livermore facility will provide you
with set-up and clean-up of your weekend party; all you
need to do is show up. For the first hour, children will
jump on trampolines, tumble on gymnastics equipment,
race, and play games. Then, they'll open presents, sip
on beverages, and chow down on birthday cake with
candles, utensils, paper plates, and table decorations
all provided by Springtime
You'll get to play parent instead of zookeeper.

When Can You Schedule Your Party?
Saturday      2:30 and 4:30
Sunday 12:30, 2:30, or 4:30

How Long Is The Party?
It is 1 ½ Hrs. in length.  The first hour is for gym activities
lead by a Springtime staff, and the last half-hour is for
enjoying cake & opening gifts.

What Do The Children Do?
Everything in sight!  Lots of bouncing on the 3 different
types of trampolines, tumbling, games and races! Children
under the age of 5 will need parental help.  Please notify the
staff of any medical conditions affecting a child.

What Do The Parents Need To Do?
Bring a camera!  Have the children dressed in sports attire
with socks.
 The Party Host can bring goodie bags for the
kids, extra drinks or food (optional).
Online waiver is mandatory for ALL participants Just
click the "Waiver Form" Link on the left of this page

What Does Springtime Tumbling & Trampoline Do?
We supply the cake, a drink for each child, the table
decorations, paper plates, utensils, candles, and invitations
insert (Link above and to the left)  

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost is $249 for up to 10 children.  $10 per child over 10
children. A $75 deposit is required to hold your spot on the

Call To Reserve Your Date!
Springtime Tumbling and Trampoline
5715 Southfront Rd. Building D
Livermore CA 94551
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